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Football Value Bets 2023-06-11

You can find many websites that are giving or even selling Football value bets or Expert football picks. A big majority of them are scammers, so the question is: Why are we different? As a group of math freaks, we decided to convert our knowledge into something practical. This is however just a statement and every anonymous internet scammer would claim exactly that.

Did you find a day with a negative result? Yes, this happens. It is impossible to guess correctly the outcomes of hundreds of thousands football fixtures and we are not doing that. Football value bets are the fixtures where the bookmaker is for some reason giving "too much".
  1. Look at the list of fixtures and chose bookmakers that are legal or licensed in your country.
  2. Click on the bookmakers link or type in the bookmaker's url and find the fixture.
  3. Check if the bookmaker did not lower the odds in the meanwhile. If the odds are lower, do NOT bet on it.
  4. Run the suggestion through your inner sceptic and consider if betting on it is a good idea.
  5. Make sure to start out small.
Football value bets shown on this page are based on the fact that every now and then a bookmaker gives odds that are much higher compared to the competition, and this is what we are showing. Make sure to check football predictions that cover the majority of the football betting spectrum.

evaluation: We are showing 0 value bet opportunities from 0 leagues with stake amount £0.00, where the result is £0.00. The average market margin of stakes worth £0.00 is -0.00. This means that if the result is a higher number compared to bookies market margin, our value bets work. We see this condition to be fulfilled most of the time and you can even improve the result by doing an extra selection, using your critical thinking.